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Montana Cars
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 28 reviews
by Dagim on Montana Cars

The owner got a very positive attitude, and very helpful.

by Johnathan on Montana Cars

The Montana Cars Team offered excellent customer service! They went above and beyond to satisfy our car needs helping us every step of the process. All their vehicles comes with a 12 months warranty which is a feat you don't see often. I highly recommend this dealership! Glody and the entire team are just phenomenal!!!

by Hunter on Montana Cars

Great customer service. They went out of there way to make sure I was taken care of. They are always friendly and willing to help when I stop by. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

by Iris Portillo on Montana Cars

Very good customer service. Vildan was very helpful and helped me through the entire process, answered all my questions. He always went out of his way to help me out with everything. I’m very happy with my new car and I would recommend this place to anyone!

by Cristian on Montana Cars

Ottimo servizio e ottima professionalità lo raccomando a coloro che vogliono acquistare un auto usata ma tenuta bene e con il servizio di assistenza eccellente

by Jason on Montana Cars

My wife and I bought a car here from Glody in December 2020 and our experience was wonderful. We looked at 3 different vehicles and he didn't pressure us to buy something out of our price range or something that didn't fit our family. We messaged him on whatsapp frequently and he always responded quickly. We required some follow up maintenance, tires and brakes replacement and the service was quick and great. I would highly recommend buying from Montana Cars!

by Kyle on Montana Cars

We purchased a car from Montana Cars in March 2019. Vildan and his staff made it very easy and they knew the process to purchase and register better than I did. They have very nice cars on the lot, both automatic and manual. The cars are very well priced and they guarantee any mechanical work required even after you drive off the lot. Our engine was having some problems in August 2019 and Vildan took the car in right away and found that the issues were not repairable. Vildan worked fast to find a newer engine (same make and model) for our car within the week and totally replaced the engine. Car runs perfect again! I commend Vildan and his staff as most dealerships would not be as quick to replace an entire engine like they did. Thank you Vildan! I would highly recommend Montana Cars to anyone that is just arriving and needs a car. Vildan and his staff will take great care of you and he is about the most genuine person I have met here in Italy.

by Ramon Santiago on Montana Cars

Very good customer service. I was able to get the car I wanted and utilized their finance program. Great dealership definitely willing to help out when in need. Will purchase from them again! Thanks

by Jerome on Montana Cars

Very good customer service and very understanding. They were the only dealership willing to help my wife and I when we got here. Will definitely buy from them again.

by Daryl on Montana Cars

Vildan was awesome. Very friendly and always looking to go the extra mile. Worked with us when we found out our transferwise app would only allow so much money to be transferred. Very understanding. I would buy from them again.

by Morgan on Montana Cars

I am very pleased with Montana's. Outstanding customer service! Very helpful and professional. We had a minor issue with our car after buying it and they fixed it immediately, with no problem. Don't even waste your time going elsewear, Montana Cars is the full package. Best car shop around town, no doubt!!!

by Chad Moore on Montana Cars

I came into Italy with only so much money and experience. Therefore I was extremely stressed and nervous. I had visited other dealer apps and hasn't felt comfortable nor satisfied with the service. I then ran to Montana Cars in desperate need of a vehicle while in a a tough predicament. Vildan and Glody helped me find exactly what I needed. I had a budget and they met it. They are extremely flexible and understanding. Along with that they have great customer service and vehicles. They are good with time lines, paper work, and getting your vehicle fixed if needed.

by Gabe Fanti on Montana Cars

Fantastic dealership, they have a great selection of cars... Extremely professional and great customer services.

by Alejandro Sanchez on Montana Cars

Honestly from the very beginning they were great. Never pushed me into anything and always gave me an honest answer. Since buying my car they have fixed whatever issues ive had to include a free oil change. The best part was that when i went tot register the vehicle they had all the paperwork where i was able to walk and out in a few minutes. Thanks again Glody.

by Quincy on Montana Cars

Every time I visit them they are always smiling and make me feel welcome. They always take care of any car issues I may have as efficiently as possible. The staff and the service is amazing.

by Antonio on Montana Cars

they helped me in choosing my first car.
they even helped me with the paper works, a lot of help in choosing
great feedback!

by Buyer on Montana Cars

Great customer service! The staff at Montana is very understanding and will work with you. Got my car, needed an oil change and these guys did it for free no hesitation and even cleaned my car and brought it back to me as I was busy at work! I highly recommend Montana and would definitely shop there again!

by Harry Williams on Montana Cars

Vildan and Glody go above and beyond for their customers. They make you feel as if you’re family! They’re very professional and Genuine. I will definitely recommend them to my friends in the coming future!!!

by Jordan on Montana Cars

Overall very excellent service. You guys are always there to help when needed. Also the amount of kindness that fills the place is amazing. There is never a day I've walked in and someone hasn't had a smile on their face. Awesome place to buy a vehicle!

by Dan on Montana Cars
Car Review

We bought our car from Montana cars after first moving to Italy in Nov 2017. They were very helpful and went out of his way for us. We were having issues with the bank (due to the time difference) and he was very understanding of the situation. The car we bought was perfect for us.

by Wayne W on Montana Cars
Mr.Wayne Review On Montana Cars.

Good selection of cars, helpful friendly honest staff.

by Dylan on Montana Cars
Mr.Dylan review on Montana Cars.

Moving to Italy was extremely overwhelming at points especially when trying to find a car. I stumbled upon Montana Cars when staying at Aviano. I was very nervous to purchase a vehicle in Italy but was surprised at how well I was treated and actually enjoyed talking to my friend Glody and his uncle. They were very straightforward and honest when it came to there vehicles and had great prices. Also, they walked me through the entire process and let me test drive any vehicles to be sure of the one I wanted. Thanks to them I am a proud owner of a VW and it couldn’t have been easier. Thanks again!

by Ashleigh Pace on Montana Cars
Mrs.Ashleigh review on Montana Cars.

I thought your service was absolutely wonderful. The car runs great and is a perfect fit. You went above and beyond with your service and if anyone I know ever needs a car I will definitely recommend your business! Thank you again for all of your help and your wonderful service!

by Enis Shehu on Montana Cars
Mr.Enis review on Montana Cars.

Great dealership. Bought a BMW from them and I’m very happy with it. I would highly recommend it.

by Vincent Muller on Montana Cars
Mr.Vincent review on Montana Cars.

The service was superb anything that needed to be fixed on your vehicle it was done ASAP. I got in and out with reasonable pricing. I definitely recommend getting your car from Montana cars.

by Kate Murphy on Montana Cars
Mr.Christopher review on Montana Cars.

Montana cars are the best. Upon meeting Vildan and his associate, we knew we were in good hands. They have exceptional customer service and we could tell they weren’t just trying to make a deal. The one-year warranty is amazing and is unheard of elsewhere. We have the check engine light on in the first three months of our Land Rover, and Vildan personally took it to Pordenone to the Land Rover dealer and fixed the thousand dollar engine problem for free. And drove it back to us. I refer people to Montana cars all the time because they’re quality cars and quality people. Best used car place in Aviano.

by Ryan Barber on Montana Cars
Mr.Ryan’s review on Montana Cars.

When I first came to Italy I was looking for a good and reliable car to drive for a couple of years that I could also enjoy and not have to worry about any issues. Out of all the dealers in the area, I stopped by Montana Cars because I saw a car that caught my eye. Instantly I was greeted by the owner of Montana Cars and right away he wanted to work out a deal with me on the car. After a test drive and look over of the car we settled on a price we were happy with and I was assured that they have done a lot of recent preventive maintenance on the car and I should never have any issues with the car and if I ever did or if I ever needed any maintenance done then just bring it back to them and they would handle it. After over a year of driving with no issues I, unfortunately, got into an accident (totaling the car) and I now needed another car so back to Montana Cars I went. I wanted a car just like the one they sold me the first time but they didn’t have one at the moment but they assured me they could find me one just as nice if not better than my last one and within 3 days they called me and told me they found one and it was ready for me! Again this car I have been driving for over a year and a half with no issues, it starts, runs, drives and every time without fail. I frequently travel out of the country in various weather conditions and through mountains and highway with no issues mechanically or electronically just like they assured me. Now I recently bought now my third car from them, a car I have wanted since I was very young that is rare and especially hard to find in Europe and they managed to track one down and find my perfect car yet again in a very timely manner. Over the past 3 years, I have made a strong friendship with the owner and staff at Montana Cars and we know each other by name. At Montana Cars, they can work with almost any budget, satisfy your specific vehicle wants and needs and provide a painless and stress-free way to own and also maintain your vehicle and they are always available to get in contact with for any questions or issues day or night. There are many car dealers that try to scam you or try to sell you junk, however, Montana Cars is the most honest and genuine car dealer I have ever known, they are very passionate and proud of what they do and I would urge anyone to not waste their time going anywhere else in search of a great and reliable vehicle.
Thank you again, Montana Cars!

by Anthony.C on Montana Cars
Mr.Anthony review on Montana Cars.

Vildan and Glody at Montana cars have been the most helpful people I’ve worked with since being here in Italy. I got here in 2015 and they helped me find a car that wouldn’t break the bank and it was still a car that was very reliable. When I was ready to get a newer car I ended up going back to them for some help and they got me in a newer car that suited what I was looking for. Very loyal, reliable and friendly guys to deal with. Not to mention they are true to the 1-year warranty on the vehicle you choose. 5 stars from me!
Very respectfully